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Common Metal Roof Problems to Watch For

Nice, clean (and dry!) showrooms help to sell cars. It seems that just about every Auto Dealership has one or more buildings with an exposed fastener metal roof system. It could be the body shop, parts building, repair shop, or showroom and offices. This style of the building goes up quickly and its construction is cost-effective, but while the roof is about 10% of the initial construction cost, further on down the road it becomes 90% of the problem.There are typically 4 common metal roof problems to watch for.

  1. Fasteners: Leaks around the screws, as the screws have a rubber washer or gasket, that is designed to seal around the screw when it penetrates the metal. After about 8 or 10 years because of building and roof panel movement have a habit of starting to back out and the washers due to heat and exposure to the sun deteriorate and crumble. Or because of poor construction, screws that have missed the metal strut underneath and float up and out.
  2. Seams and overlaps: This is where 2 pieces of metal roofing overlap each other that gradually open up and let wind-driven rain underneath and into your building.
  3. Foam closure strips: These are at the eaves of the roof behind the gutter and seal the opening, between the roof panel and the building framing, and are also underneath the ridge cap to keep wind-driven rains out. They also deteriorate due to heat and sun, shift due to building movement, or are improperly installed and sometimes missing completely.
  4. Corrosion: Depending on the finish applied to your roof, rusting may occur sooner rather than later. It is a normal reaction when metal is exposed to the elements, but in South Texas, salt air along with humidity causes condensation and keeps the metal wet for extended periods of time starting or accelerating the rusting process. Left unattended will spread and cause damage.

Having an experienced roofing contractor that you can trust is essential when getting your roof repaired or restored. As the owner of P.L. Hurley Roofing, I personally have over 40-Years of hands-on roofing and construction experience and counting. Specializing in the repair and restoration of metal roofing, we offer up to a 2-year no-leak guarantee on repairs and on complete Silicone Restorations up to 20-years manufacturer’s material, labor, and workmanship warranty. If you are dealing with a leaking metal roof and need repairs or a complete restoration contact a trusted South Texas commercial roofing contractor. Our professional and experienced team is here for you 24/7.

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