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Living on the Texas Gulf Coast, we always have to be on the alert for hurricanes and the sometimes Billions of dollars of damage they can cause. Hurricane Nicholas showed the shortcomings of many of the shingles and manufacturers in the market today. 

The standard 3-Tab only has a wind rating of 60 MPH, and in my opinion does not belong on any property along the Gulf Coast. Using these is a recipe for disaster when a storm hits. The older, and in some cases, current dimensional’s have a rating of 110-130 MPH with either 4 or 6 nails required by the manufacturer. There is a recent entry to the market by TAMKO, the TITAN XT with the best in the industry 160 MPH wind rating and a Class 3 Impact Rating against hail damage and the use of their starter as the only requirement.

10400 sq ft roof, hand nail, 18 men one day
10,400 sq ft roof, Hand Nail, 18 men one day!!! TAMKO Titan XT Shingle

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