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Silicone Coating

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Silicone roof restoration coating is an essential part of any roof maintenance, especially for expensive commercial roofing. After all, this coating will help to defend your roof against the elements that can wear away at your roof over time:

Silicone Roof Restoration

Lower Roof Temperatures

Resists Ponding Water

Energy Efficient


Money Saving

Free 10-Year Manufacturers Labor and Material Warranty on complete Silicone Roof Restoration Projects on metal and approved substrates over 8500 sq ft now through 12/31/2023  (some restrictions and conditions may apply)

Over time, all this minor wear and tear can grow into a big enough problem that your roof will require repairs, perhaps even substantial and costly ones. In extreme cases, your roof’s lifespan could be significantly reduced, necessitating a premature roof replacement.

While you can’t stop the elements from having at your roof as they do, you can stave off most of that wear by calling on P.L. Hurley Roofing. We provide expert roof coatings that will protect your roof from even the harshest wear, greatly extending its service life and saving you tons of money in the long run.

Silicone Coating Is a Solid Investment for Any Roof

Proper roof maintenance is key for maintaining the look, comfort, and value of your property. In your endeavor to give your roof the best care possible, you’ll find silicone roof restoration coating to be one of the most important investments you could make. Here are just a few ways that restoration coating benefits your roof and property:

  • Restoration coating will reduce your energy costs by improving your roof’s insulation
  • Lower roof temperatures 50* or more
  • Reduce interior temperatures by 25* or more
  • Lower cooling costs by 15-20%
  • This service is far more affordable than reroofing—up to 60% cheaper
  • All our coatings come with a 20-Year material warranty
  • Up to 20-Year Manufacturers Material, Labor and Workmanship Guarantees Available

We are Authorized contractors for both Progressive Materials Silicone and Metallic Coatings along with coatings by GAF.

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